Project 2026 - British Horse Society

This is a national web based project with the aim of identifying routes which potentially are unrecorded Rights of Way and to record progress towards submitting Definitive Map Modification Order Applications. There is a separate sub-project for each County or Local Highways Authority area.


The CROW Act 2000 contains legislation which extinguishes all historic Rights of Way that are not recorded on the definitive map by 2026. It established a Discovery Lost Ways (DLW) project that failed dismally and was abandoned because of the enormity of the task.

The 2026 cut off date was specifically asked for by the landowner organisations (CLA, NFU etc) to ensure that all rights of way are correctly recorded by the 2026 date. This date and landowner wishes were retained by the Stakeholder Working Group on Unrecorded Public Rights of Way which produced the "Stepping Forward" report to Natural England in 2010. The cut-of date was retained despite the failure of the DLW project.

Project Aim:

The Aim of our volunteer led project is to meet the wishes of the landowners and the terms of the associated legislation in ensuring that all meaningful Unrecorded Rights of Way as far as possible have been researched, and necessary steps taken to ensure any associated rights are not unnecessarily extinguished at that date.

Project Organisation

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