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Database On Bridleways and Byways INformation

DOBBIN Basic Principles

DOBBIN is a web facility for storing and displaying paths/routes/rides and waypoint markers on the web for your own use and sharing with others..

The base maps are provided by Ordnance Survey. Ordnance survey 50k (Landranger) is available together with streetmap and OS 250k.

The facility is provided on the website.

You cannot plot your paths directly on DOBBIN

You can

You then save your plotted paths to a local file on your PC

You then upload your GPX (or zip file) to DOBBIN using the easy menus provided, and build and display your map.

COMPREHENSIVE HELP and TUTORIALS are available and an Easy Menu to get you started - SEE BELOW:

To find out more and register for DOBBIN please email:



Equestrian Access Mapping

Help and Tutorials

Equestrian Access Mapping - Project Overview

Plotting Your Routes, Paths and Rides:

Installing Memory Map and Introduction to Using Memory Map

Introduction to DEFRA Magic Map

Displaying Maps on the Web:

Introduction to DOBBIN

Map My Hack

Project 2026


Index Maps

Further DOBBIN Help

DOBBIN Help tells you more about the features of Dobbin that are available for you to use for the Dobbin Menu. It also covers the use of marker symbols and how to install them on Memory Map.

DOBBIN Advanced Features Tutorial guides you through some of the more advanced features of DOBBIN that are especioally useful to mappers who do not use Memory Map