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This wiki is provided by the British Horse Society as an information resource for its Access and Bridleways Officers, its highly valued volunteers protecting the rights of riders and carriage-drivers throughout Britain on highways.

Please see British Horse Society for information about the work of the Society, access and bridleways. The Society always welcomes help – you can join the Society, donate occasionally or regularly or volunteer to help in many different capacities.

If you are particularly interested in voluntary work to protect equestrian rights of way, please contact the Access and Bridleways Officer for your county.

Access and Bridleways Officers Login and Password

If you are a BHS Access and Bridleways Officer, please log in at the top right, or here.

If you have forgotten your username or password contact the Access team 02476 840515 The 'Reset your password' link will not work.

If you are not an Access and Bridleways Officer but are working on equestrian access, perhaps in an bridleways group or BHS affiliated Equestrian Access Group, then a login may be available.

If you have lost your login or not yet been issued with one, contact Access.

After logging in

After logging in, you will see this same page but the links to the left will be live. Look left and:

  • Click All Pages for a list of all pages on the site
  • Search for a key word or topic to find a list of pages where that word or phrase appears
  • Click on any of the categories for a list of pages in that subject area


Many pages are not tagged. The tag enables pages to be filtered so you can see all pages with that tag. Many pages defy tagging or are one-offs. Tags here are the primary ones and may be added to or revised as the wiki grows.


In the search tool on the left, put any word or phrase in the box. It does not matter if you click Go or Search (they work differently but will give the result you need). It will first look for pages with that name, then for pages containing all the words you enter so if you don't get the results you expect, try using fewer key words, or search for one key word, then another.

Problems and Suggestions

If your login does not seem to work, try entering it again. Some browser and cookie settings cause this glitch which we are working to resolve. Please don't give up, just enter your login again. You will find it easier if your browser is set to save passwords. You can also tick the option to 'Keep me logged in'.

If you have any difficulty on the site, please don't hesitate to contact Geri Coop for help.

It is expected that this resource for ABOs will grow. If you have any suggestions for new topics or have any material you think would be useful to others if it was here, then please send to Geri Coop.

We hope that you find this resource useful and look forward to your suggestions on how it can be extended and improved to help you.

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